Selected as 1 in 5 Schools by Minister of Education

Selected as 1 in 5 Schools by Minister of Education

by | May 29, 2021 | Abundant Life Charity | 0 comments

The Abundant Life Charity school was paid a visit by the Minister of Education. Just months after opening their doors, they are able to participate as one in only 5 schools to carry out the Community Satisfaction Survey for the school year.

Although many private schools chose to open the school in September 2020, Pastor Gabriel Dalusma, who runs the school, worked to time the opening with the local Public schools. The additional two months were used to prepare the teachers with training courses and familiarize them with the programs provided from the Secretary of Education as all classes are taught virtually.

They have developed a strong virtual class plan to support the school year. Zoom was used for live teaching and guidance, WhatsApp for sending and receiving homework and tasks, and Classroom for delivering online exams.

We continue to need support as a result of COVID. With the unexpected restrictions, we will need to support summer school for the children who were not accommodated with the new restrictions.

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