Making A World of Difference In The Dominican Republic

Projects In The Works

Technical and Community Centre.

A venue for technical training and to house small businesses to provide income streams to help the local community.

Well and Water Sanitization Project.

A means to generate income locally for our school and to promote health in the larger Higuey community by providing clean water.

Baseball Facility and Training Program.

A project to support the future success of our young upcoming Dominican players with training and practice space.

Our charity Programs

How You Can Help

Some of the projects we are currently involved with. There are many ways to help and many ways to contribute to making a Difference in someone’s life. 

Safe Education

Supporting a building of a private school to provide a safe environment for those who would not otherwise receive an education. This has and will continue to remove the barriers  to education caused by lack of proper documentation, poverty, overcrowding in public schools, and or lack of transportation to schools outside the area.

School Supplies

Provision of educational materials and funding of yearly school operating costs.

Fair Wages

The provision of employment for local teachers and support staff.

Future Employment

The building of a community\technical centre to support income stream activities such as:

  • Provide a trades centre for students to learn trades and get employment
  • Provide for cost effective day care
  • A Market place for resale of second hand clothes
  • Provide space for an outsourcing program.
  • Space for rental for events
  • Kitchen for making of /and selling food items
Relief of poverty

The relief of poverty for 80 families on the Batay ( Sugar Plantation).

Support Church and Mentorship Activities

To support church and mentorship activities by providing food, special events, literature.

Support Local Sports Programs

To support sports programs especially baseball to foster team work/spirit, health awareness, commitment.

It’s a Great Day to

Become a Volunteer

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