Well and water sanitization

Drilling a well and implementing a sanitization system has become a primary need for the people of Higuey.

Currently, the water that people are using at home and at school is not safe and the cost of water in the supermarkets has become increasingly expensive. For many it is cost prohibitive.

Benefits to this Project

    • Clean drinking water will be available to our charity community – children, educators, those in poverty in the Batay (sugar cane community) and staff at our future community centres.
    • Fresh, clean water will be available to the Higuay community for significantly less than they can get anywhere else, increasing their health and well being.
    • The project will provide additional employment with 3 roles.
    • It will provide an ongoing income stream for our partners in the Dominican. Current profit estimates show that initial capacity of 450 jugs a day will generate $3,500 USD a month.


In the communities of the Dominican Republic, 40% of households spend roughly an eighth of their income on water.

Today’s Struggle, Today’s Challenge

The poorest communities in the Dominican Republic rely on water that is government provided. Many times, this water is contaminated and when residents consume the bacteria-filled water, they increase their risk of contracting an illness like Cholera or waterborne disease which could be fatal.

Poverty stricken Dominican residents struggle to find clean water and often need to rely on bottled water, which is a significant expense. In the communities of the Dominican Republic, 40% of households spend roughly an eighth of their income on water. Unpurified water impacts those with weak immune systems the most, including the children in our communities. Our project will make clean water accessible to those who need it most.

A Look at Tomorrow

This well campaign will provide clean water to over 500 families. This will remove the risk of death to preventable illnesses to both the children of the Abundant Life School and their familes. It will remove the need to travel to the supermarket and provides subsidization, so families are not spending an 1/8th of their income on water.

The well will also provide a means to sell water to the rest of the community – making clean water more accessible for everyone while providing a necessary source of income for the school.

A More Sustainable Future

The difference that this Well and Sanitization Project will make is far reaching. We operate in a community where it is so hard to make a living, and almost impossible to improve on that low standard of living. Higuey is a dormitory town for the employees of the Holiday Resorts in Punta Cana.

The area was hit hard when the tourist industry collapsed in the pandemic and the majority of the populations employment evaporated as resorts closed. A meagre salary became a non existent one, and basic needs that were once hard to meet now became impossible. In this context the need to provide clean water at a reasonable cost, and the possibility of creating a local income stream for our local community became of paramount. importance. The benefits of clean water are obvious and should be available to everyone.

The income stream has equally as long lasting ripple effects through the community. First at just 25% operating capacity initial estimates show we will generate an income of $3500 US monthly. These funds will be saved to purchase/rent a vehicle so that we have a means to distribute clean water to a larger area as we increase the output capacity. At full capacity with a developed distribution network, the profits will be directed as needed. Current thoughts are to duplicate the model in another part of the city and/or to direct excess funds to the build and equipping of the Community and Technical Centre build.

Over 500 families will be
providedwith clean water per day

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Health and vitality.
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Our Campaign

This project has a projected cost of $25,000 USD which will cover the drilling and the sanitization equipment. We are ready now to launch our campaign for this project and hope that you will join us in providing clean water to the people we support in the Dominican Republic.

We have applied for a grant and if successful could be awarded up to $10,000 USD which would help us greatly.

There are additional costs for the structure in which to house the equipment, and for the purchase of the water Jugs. These costs are not yet confirmed but are estimated to be a further $8-10,000 USD.

Our total campaign drive is $35,000 USD


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