Christmas at the Abundant Life Charity

Christmas at the Abundant Life Charity

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Abundant Life Charity | 0 comments

The holiday season is an important time for giving and this season, our long time supporters of the charity, Scott and Mayte, took a couple of days out of their holiday to support the people of the Dominican.

For Gabi (the on-site leader of the Abundant Life Charity) and the staff who support, it is such an encouragement when volunteers show up to help in any way they can. Helping can take many forms – sometimes it’s just delivering a suitcase of goodies collected by other supporters here in Canada. For Scott and Mayte, it was financial support and physical effort to  help with the costs and logistics to put on a Christmas Party for the children and the staff of our school.

We sometimes joke that Gabi doesn’t sleep so it was wonderful to help support to prepare for the party. Each child receives a holiday meal and a small gift for each child, teacher and support staff.

Mayte is sorting and wrapping gifts for the holiday party.

It was a special party for the children and certainly made their holiday brighter.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us this year. Without you – 78 children would not be getting an education, 13 people would not be earning an income, and the Abundant Life Charity would not be making the Difference.

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Gabi is the leader of the Abundant Life Charity who brings the support of donors to life. A Haitian by race, who determined to cross the border to the Dominican Republic for a better life, he has shared his observations and experiences as he supports not only help himself and his family, but the lives within his community of Higuey.

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