MEET PASTOR GABRIEL D’ALUSMA – Our Boots on the Ground in The Dominican Republic

MEET PASTOR GABRIEL D’ALUSMA – Our Boots on the Ground in The Dominican Republic

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Pastor Gabi is the reason that my desire to make a difference in the Dominican Republic grew legs.

For some years prior to our meeting him on the beach in Punta Cana, my desire to help was only made manifest in generous tipping and a suitcase full of gently used clothes, toothbrushes and soap distributed amongst the workers at the resort. It’s hard to really help those in a distant country without a solid connection with someone you trust completely. This ‘chance’ meeting that I believe was God orchestrated changed all that.

Several years of getting to know this incredible man of God who tirelessly dedicated his life to helping children in his community, (and did so out of his meagre salary and tips), was the connection that made my desire to help the children in the Dominican a reality. Two visions carried in two hearts in two different countries were shared on a Punta Cana beach, and became the catalyst that inspired the establishment of The Abundant Life Charity. The name reflects the foundation that was set up in the
Dominican to help these children – Fundacion Vide en Plenitud.

To know Gabi is to love him. Every person who has the privilege of meeting him is forever changed – he is one of a kind. A man full of joy, faith love, integrity and incredibly generous. When we first met, he was looking after 54 children! 4 of his own and 50 from the community. Now the young people he is involved in number over 250 including those in our school, those on the Batay ( Sugar Plantation), those in the church and children in the community.

The land for our first major project (the school), was bought in the spring of 2019 and was covered with shrub and debris. The cost of clearing it was to be added to the cost of the build. A site visit later that year demonstrated yet again his unwavering focus on doing all that he could to help. The site was cleared. He had done it with the help of a friend, a machete and their bare hands! “Surprise Sister!” he said to me. Who is this man, that now has 7 of his own children, cares for all these others, has a full time job at a resort, teaches children math and English, mentors young baseball players and runs a church on his rooftop?
This is Gabi – our Boots on the Ground. 

Now the school is running, his role has expanded further. He is teaching, administrating, dealing with the Ministry of Education, and advocating for those children whom the government won’t place in public schools. He is our expert in the Dominican, knowing how his country works. His recent task has been the securing of information, land and contractors for our Well and Water Sanitization Initiative which you can see in our current projects list.

There is so much more to say about him, but what I would like to leave with you is this, if you haven’t caught it already. Our charity works because of this long standing relationship with a man of integrity, who knows what his country needs and how to get it done. The Abundant Life Charity aspires to do all that it can to help this man help his country. Will you help us, help him to make a difference in the lives of Dominican Children?

Volunteers and no overheads means 98% of all donations directly support those in need, and can be being used for what they are needed for within 36 hours of initiation from Canada.

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Gabi is the leader of the Abundant Life Charity who brings the support of donors to life. A Haitian by race, who determined to cross the border to the Dominican Republic for a better life, he has shared his observations and experiences as he supports not only help himself and his family, but the lives within his community of Higuey.

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